Jun 15, 2010

The Native House

Kaiw's Native House.

A cultural heritage of the Cordilleras, the Native House is a rarity in the face of modernization. The native house now becomes genuinely scaled down and designed to be part of your living and social spaces, exclusively from Kaiw. Cordillera Crafts

Add that cultural heritage and preserve it for future generations.

The Native House functions as a storage for jewelry, small valuables and/or other trinkets.

*The native house design is a true model of the Ifugao Native House. Note four posts that have a jagged-round attachment just below the floor of the house. It was designed that way to make it impossible for rats to enter the house, the jagged-round attachments blocks the path of the rats.The true native house is built without the use of nails and / or iron bolts.


AusGirl said...

Nice product! =) How much is it? And do you ship locally and internationally?

Anonymous said...

How much is the native house carving?

Kaiw said...

The Native House comes in three different sizes. Price ranges from Php 350-1,300.

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